Wollongong Arborist

Allied Tree Consultancy will allow you to maximise the value of your development.

  • Pre-purchase Site Assessments

  • Development Application Reports

  • Tree inventories and surveys

  • Construction Certification

Regardless of the size of a proposed development, if a tree or trees exist within the lot or neighbouring lots, then most likely an Arborist report will be required within the D.A process.

In brief this will assess the species, vigour and structural condition of the trees, the viability for retention, and the impact that the proposal may have upon the trees. Conversely it will also address the impact the trees’ future growth will have upon those proposed structures, and over all provide measures so that both the proposal and trees can mutually exist with little detriment to either.

 Wherever the location, Allied Tree Consultancy will manage a punctual response providing a practical solution with a strong commercial awareness.  We are committed to working with the client, together with developing the best practice in the management of trees, while supporting sustainable development. And, where necessary, we provide commercial mediation between the council, and the client.

Allied Tree Consultancy provides high quality site specific-design solutions for new and existing developments or sensitive urban and rural sites, leading to results which will promote the client’s environmental reputation.

Allied Tree Consultancy are prompt, efficient and cost effective.  We understand that time is a premium and hold our client’s expectations and priorities as paramount.