Allied Tree Consultancy will provide an accurate diagnosis and the most viable solution for a safe and effective treatment program resulting in optimal tree health.

Like all living organisms, trees are vulnerable to many types of biotic (pathogens, insects, etc.) and abiotic (nutrient imbalance, soil chemistry, etc.) disorders.

Some may only detract from the aesthetics, while some can be detrimental to the tree’s vigour and/or structure, and on occasions react adversely with other flora within the surrounding environment.

Those disorders that remain untreated can spread and eventually lead to the death of a tree. The cost of diagnosis and treatment is minimal relative to the cost of tree removal and the tangible value of the tree loss.

ATC can provide a complete tree health care service, based upon Integrated Pest Management. This involves an accurate diagnostic evaluation; a treatment prescribing an environmentally conscious program; and follow-up preventative measures that will help safeguard your tree from future problems.