Allied Tree Consultancy will accrue evidence to support the appropriate action for alleviating structural damage by roots, and recommend the most viable mitigation.

One of the most contentious issues associated with trees within the urban environment is the potential damage that roots can cause to surrounding structures.

Roots can cause heave (lifting of areas), subsidence (collapse of ground areas), and blockages (within drains and sewerage pipes), resulting in costly damage.

A proactive approach can avoid such damage, and in some circumstances retain the tree. However, contestable situations require a professional approach (and mediation), where evidence is then gathered to support claims of the complaint.

Methodology including ground penetrating radar, DNA testing, root mapping and soil testing are just some of the tools that may be required for use within an Arborist report presented as a legal document to secure a recommendation.

ATC has worked on numerous cases for detecting the causes of structural changes within dwellings, driveways, roadways and pipe works, and has provided not only conclusive evidence, but appropriate mitigation within each circumstance.